With over 18+ years of experience across DevOps, release engineering, infrastructure engineering, and security, I am proficient in designing, building, and securing cloud (AWS & Azure) infrastructure with Terraform or using general-purpose languages (C#, Go, PowerShell). Furthermore, my expertise covers the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), from source control, versioning, building, testing, and packaging, to deploying and securing software.

While working at RelayHealth, I developed the Azure infrastructure, identity management system, and security protocols - then directed the migration of RelayHealth systems from McKesson to Change Healthcare. At Scratch, I simplified employee onboarding by enabling Okta SSO, managing identity lifecycles for access control on over 30 applications, and device enrollment in only 15 minutes!

Working hand-in-hand with departments such as engineering, product, security, and operations allowed me to manage various tech projects successfully. Additionally, I mentored developers to take on more significant tasks required for company growth while ensuring efficiency and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, I guided engineers in automating their processes by providing governance models that enabled self-sufficiency.

Professional Experience


Full-time Dad, Hayward, CA

I left the workforce to care for our 17-month-old daughter during the pandemic.

Whenever I found the time, I worked on some projects in my homelab, a data center, and the cloud:

I also studied towards Azure certification and completed the following:


Software Engineer, DevOps, San Francisco, CA

Scratch is reimagining loan servicing to help borrowers understand, manage, and repay their loans.

Change Healthcare

Software Engineer, Developer Support


Software Engineer, Developer Support

The Data Platform was responsible for transforming healthcare transactions into a usable database that healthcare systems could use to infer trends, amongst other things.

Software Architect

RelayHealth built solutions that integrated various health systems. I joined as an Architect and worked on teams to implement features for the patient portal and migrate Superscripts.


Server Architect, San Francisco, CA

Software Architect, Cape Town, South Africa