Building a Hugo website with GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages

My website is built using Hugo and hosted in GitHub Pages. In the past, I would build the site locally to the docs directory and then commit the changes. I gave GitHub Actions a go. Unfortunately, it failed. The site used Git LFS and was damn slow to build.

Instead of hacking my existing website, I chose to do a little research project with the following in mind: use GitHub Actions to build a minimal Hugo site and publish it via GitHub Pages install IBM and iA Writer fonts via npm install Bootstrapper CSS and Modernizr via npm schedule a build every day at 11 am, so I can queue content and have it published.
learn SCSS and other web technologies With this experiment, I could build the equivalent of a “Hello World” Hugo project, versioned in GitHub, built by GitHub Actions, and published to GitHub Pages.

I completed (2) and (3) as I rebuilt my website from scratch. But now it’s an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how to build a private asset repository hosted on a CDN that’s also versioned in GitHub. So that will have to wait.